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At Ward’s House of Prime, we learned what you wanted from a steakhouse and then we designed a restaurant where high-end entrees are served at a reasonable price in an atmosphere that’s upscale yet relaxed.



Celebrate Valentine's at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield 

February 10th, 11th, 13th & 14th

Love is in the air at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield.  Treat your Valentine to a romantic 3-course surf and turf dinner, featuring Allen Brother's Prime Rib, Certified Piedmontese Skirt Steaks, South African Lobster Tail, Strawberry Crème brûlée and more!  Start of your evening with our featured Trio of Assorted, Hand-Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries paired with 2 glasses of California Sparkling Champagne.  Our Valentine's Prix Fixe Menu is priced at $85 per person. 


Premiering Allen Brothers Prime Rib

allen .jpeg

We will be featuring Allen Brothers Angus Premium Beef for all of our Prime Rib entrees for our Valentine's Day Menu.


Valentine's Feature

Trio of Assorted Hand-Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries Paired with 2 Glasses of Champagne

Valentines Prix Fixe Menu

Appetizers (Choose 1)
Crab Cake or Lobster Ravioli

Second Course (Choose 1)
House Salad
(Served with your choice of dressing: House, French, Bleu Cheese, Italian, 1000 Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch or Olive Oil and Vinegar)


Soupe du Jour (Chef’s Inspiration)

Entrée Course
(Accompanied with choice of potato)

(Choose 1)
12 oz. Prime Rib, 6oz. Filet or Certified Piedmontese Skirt Steak 

(Choose 1)
½ lb. King Crab Legs, 6oz South African Lobster Tail or Blackened Seared Scallops

Dessert Course (Choose 1)
Banana Cake, Chocolate Cake, or Strawberry Crème Brûlée

Ward’s House of Prime Delafield Announces 2016 Outdoor Music Series

DELAFIELD, WI – Ward’s House of Prime – Delafield is proud to announce their summer outdoor concert series that will take place from June through September 2016.

Ward’s anticipates a successful summer music series to add to the many activities that draw community members and tourists to Delafield in the summer months, including the Delafield Sip N’ Stroll, Delafield Block party and the entertainment on the 500 Block of Wells Street.

Wells Street is fast becoming the destination place in Lake Country for outdoor dining and entertainment. Every Tuesday through September, Ward’s will be featuring live outdoor music on the patio for Ladies Night, and live music will be provided each Thursday by Ward’s neighbor, Revere’s.  Both venues on Wells Street will have music alternating each Saturday.  Ward’s will also be providing music periodically on some Wednesdays and Fridays.

Last year Ward’s also began “Up-Start Mondays” events, in order to give younger musicians, under the age of 18, a professional opportunity to perform live in front of an audience.  Ward’s plans to continue these events, and will be announcing an Up-start Mondays lineup in the near future. For the latest schedule of events, visit WardsHouseofPrime.com/events-calendar.

Despite construction of the new patio last summer, the concert series was a huge success.  The patio, complete with extensive seating, multiple fire-pits and bistro lighting, was designed by, Milwaukee-based architect, Justin Racinowski.  In addition, Ward’s offers fine dining on the second floor balcony. Here, customers can enjoy a romantic outdoor dining experience under the stars, while watching and listening to all that’s happening on Wells Street. It’s a lively place!


For more information, press only: Kimberly Jacobs, Director of Customer Relations kim@primeonellc.com (262) 622-3022


Meet the Artist - Q&A with Marilee Shepard

Step into the fine dining area at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield, and you will notice some new art on the walls. This spring we are happy to introduce to you our latest featured local artist, Marilee Shepard. 

What was your first artistic medium?   Textiles.  I believe I created an amazing frog in the second grade. :) 

What do you think the greatest challenge of being an artist is?  Finding an original voice/style.  There is so much talent and artistic options for people to consider.  The competition from the mass market which is priced low to the "starving artist" shows.  I do not take my success for granted and recognize that I have to continue to improve my talent and maintain a fresh vision. 

How did you get into creating art? Was there a specific moment when you discovered you are an artist?  I have always had a creative part of me. I was interested in sewing in high school.  Took a ceramics class in middle school and remember a charcoal drawing of a gorilla in elementary school that I was particularly proud of.  However, in the beginning I felt that my artistic side should stay in the hobby realm.   For financial reasons I pushed it aside.

  My first public presentation of my artwork was a donation to a school fundraiser.  I was present and watched a bidding war unfold.  It was awesome to receive the support and to have a donation piece bring money in for the cause.  

Where do you find the most inspiration for your artwork?   I am often awestruck by color and motion.  It just hits me at unusual times.  I distinctly remember the beauty of a wave of color at the end of my son's baseball game, when the boys line up and say "good game" to each other. This particular night, with the sun setting and my raised position in the stands, I was amazed to watch this momentary weave of the blue and reds in the boys uniforms. It was abstract, fluid and beautiful.  I have attended many games since and never captured that feeling again.  So I have to keep it in my minds eye.  

You work in a variety of styles ranging from abstract, to landscapes and florals. Do you have a favorite style or medium you like to work with?    I enjoy working with acrylics because of the versatility.  They are rich in color, can have the thickness for impasto painting, can be thinned for a watercolor effect , dry quickly and do not have the carcinogenic properties.  

    Regarding styles. I find it important for me to mix it up and challenge myself.  When I return to a style I find it fresh and exciting.  One of my favorite painters is Gerhard Richter who has these amazing abstract paintings that he creates with a squeegee next to a photorealistic portraits in museums around the world.  The styles are extreme opposites which to me is a testament to his profound talent.  

What are some of your favorite things about living in Lake Country?   It has been a wonderful place to raise our family.  The support for the arts is important to many people.  I appreciate how many times people have reached out to me and requested commissioned work.  It is an honor and a privilege to have something that I create to be showcased in someone's home.  

When you are not busy creating art, what do you like to do?   Well I have two other jobs which I enjoy.  I work at Decor Adore Boutique in Hartland.  Sarah Fitch, the owner, is an interior designer who is inspiring to watch.  She brings such beautiful things together for her showroom and her clients home.  Her vision is inspiring and fun to be a part of the magic

 In addition I work for Casa La Bella, LTD which is a staging company.  It is similar to interior design but we help to redesign clients home in preparation for the real estate market.  The owner, Laurie Flatt, has a vision for how the home can be transformed to highlight features that would be appealing to potential home buyers.  With a warehouse of furniture and accessories to choose from it is fun to create a feeling of comfort, uncluttered warmth to a home.  

 So I am busy juggling these jobs, my art, plus raising my kids.  All good.  

Do you have any other hidden talents?  I can say the alphabet backwards.  :). 

What is your proudest moment as an artist?   At Open Canvas, which is a charitable event for Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I had many bids for a piece that I had created that night. William Eisner, of the Eisner Advertising agency, stepped up and purchased the painting as highest bidder.  I respect his talent and vision so it was an honor that he valued my painting.  

Outside of Ward's House of Prime - Delafield, where else can people find your work? Decor Adore in Hartland and Bin111 in Hartland.

Meet Your Bartender - Q&A with Cori Gastrow

You may have noticed a new smiling face around here. Meet Cori Gastrow, a welcome addition to our team at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield! 

Cori Gastrow, Bartender at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield

Cori Gastrow, Bartender at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield

Bartending Since: 2013, when I moved home to Wisconsin after living in Hawaii. 

Favorite Drinks to Mix: Martinis (I started in a Martini Bar. I was there for 3 Years and can make a Martini out of anything!) and Craft Cocktails - thanks to Ward’s bar manager and sommelier Joe Kane, who has worked with me a lot and helped me find the art in the classics! Our new Craft Cocktail menu is amazing!!  

Favorite Drink on the Craft Cocktail Menu: Trinidad Sour - Hands Down! We worked with this recipe until it was absolute perfection and I can’t get enough of it!

Favorite thing about working behind a bar: The fun atmosphere and the great people I have the opportunity to meet on a nightly basis.

Least Favorite thing about working behind a bar: Sore feet! 

If I were a flavor I would be: Sweet & Sour (or if Sweet & Sarcastic were a flavor I might go with that) 

3 things you might not know looking at me:

  1. I have a 3rd Degree Black Belt in two types of Martial Arts
  2. I have three dogs and a Chinchilla 
  3. No, I am not wearing heels. I really am this tall! 

The Halls Are Decked at Ward's House of Prime - Delafield

The Holiday season is upon us and our halls at Ward’s House of Prime - Delafield are decked, top to bottom, from the help of Decor Adore Boutique!  Sarah Fitch, owner of Decor Adore, has incorporated elegant garlands, beautiful ornaments, glistening reindeer and more, to set the perfect cozy scene for your meal or party throughout the holiday season.

Interested in consultation for your home or business? Contact Sarah Fitch today or stop by  Decor Adore Boutique in Hartland!

Decor Adore Boutique
139 E Capitol Dr.
Hartland, WI 53029
P: (262) 369-5777
E: lakecountryinteriors@gmail.com


Guest Chef Dinner with Chef Thomas Peschong | Delafield & Milwaukee

Please join us for our second guest chef dinner with Chef Thomas Peschong. Enjoy four-courses of Peschong's recipes that incorporate global flavors with classic cuisine.


Ward's Delafield 
Tuesday, February 24th. 6:30 PM
Cost: $45 
RSVP: Email Kim@primeonellc.com 
or call (262) 622-3022

Ward's Milwaukee 
Friday, February 27th. 6:30 PM
Cost: $45

RSVP: Email Brian@wardshouseofprime.com
or call (414) 223-0135


Course One: 
Terrine Duckling
with toasted pistachios
and celeriac remoulade


Course Two:
Spinach Salad
with curried cashews, roasted pears
pickled red onion and nueske's bacon

Course Three:
Char-Grilled Mahi Mahi
with roasted pineapple chutney,
white wine basmati rice
and grilled asparagus

Course Four: 
Chocolate Marquise 
with crème anglaise and berries 

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